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Jinglejangle  : (01 August 2014 - 03:01 PM) I miss the arcade.
Apple  : (01 August 2014 - 09:26 AM) I think there shouldve been like a large thread that allowed users to just keep adding new quotes.
TMuc  : (01 August 2014 - 09:08 AM) you can put some randomized quotes in your signature or something
TMuc  : (01 August 2014 - 09:07 AM) hm, idk, they were interesting at first but after 2 years the same old 10 or 12 quotes got a bor boring
Apple  : (01 August 2014 - 09:03 AM) "Once is a trick ... twice is a lesson."
Apple  : (01 August 2014 - 09:03 AM) I actually miss the random magical quotes that would be displayed at the top of the forum.
Apple  : (01 August 2014 - 09:03 AM) haha that's hilarious actually.
TMuc  : (01 August 2014 - 09:02 AM) - Jump N Run puzzle game entitled "magicians". nice time waster for the people who miss the Arcade function ;)
TMuc  : (01 August 2014 - 05:30 AM) this was an instruction in the old forum. it was either displayed above the shoutbox or it was said by this bot that we finally got rid off. the bot would also say "visit our blog and youube channel". Every 10 shouts. a bit annoying when there was an eager discussion. In the old forum we also had a private shout/chat function that would also count for the 10 shouts. when two people engaged in private discussion in the shoutbox, the public shoutbox would be filled with the bot blurting out the same thing all the time :P I miss the private shoutbox function :/
Apple  : (01 August 2014 - 05:24 AM) Haha I didn't know we weren't allowed to ask magic questions in the shoutbox.
TMuc  : (01 August 2014 - 05:24 AM) you don't know us by now? anything magic related is going to be disussed and disected relentlessly :D
sgtgrey  : (01 August 2014 - 05:07 AM) lol, well to be fair it wasn't a question - we just started speculating. I probably should've just posted it in a thread though
TMuc  : (01 August 2014 - 04:04 AM) that's right. no asking magic questions in the shoutbox, remember? amd why you're at it, viit our blog and youtube channel :P
Apple  : (01 August 2014 - 03:53 AM) I'll make a post in the requests section and we can have a more structured discussion.
dokken  : (01 August 2014 - 01:08 AM) That would work but I'm not sure in this case as when Teller shuffles his deck he seems to be consciously keeping the top and bottom cards (the aces) in place. This is especially so with the top ace.
sgtgrey  : (31 July 2014 - 07:08 PM) I agree there's no preshow needed, but in that case I would think a marked deck so you could set the second deck before you hand it to them. A key card would require you to handle the second deck AFTER they have removed their card since you need to look through and find the key, which isn't as clean
Apple  : (31 July 2014 - 06:51 PM) Actually since pre-show has been mentioned a few times, I was thinking that this trick would still be possible without pre-show. Easy key card location, and then Teller culls the appropriate other cards to the top and bottom. So, if they had picked a queen, then Teller culls all the queens.
dokken  : (31 July 2014 - 05:10 PM) Both decks are in new deck order. When the spectator shuffles legitimately, Teller keeps the top and bottom cards in place. Thus when they switch decks the spectator has a deck with an ace on top and bottom. He pulls out a card and places it on top of the deck and cuts. This sandwiches his selection. While this is going on, Teller is "impersonating" the actions and setting the aces in the other deck on top and bottom. They switch back. The spectator looks through for his card but doesn't disturb or notice the aces since he's only looking for the selection. Teller finds the spectators selection by looking for the sandwich. Forgot to mention that he knows the two aces that are sandwiching the selection because the deck was in new deck order. This part is just the standard "You Do as I Do". He cuts the deck when placing the selection on the table thus setting his deck back up for the final reveal which has already been discussed. We should try to figure out a way to get the last ace. Doh, just realized that I don't know how she was forced to select the ace. It did look like she was searching for a particular card so yes, maybe preshow. Or maybe instant stooge somehow?
TMuc  : (31 July 2014 - 11:23 AM) marked cards are the only way I could think of that he could prepare the aces (unless she was pre-showed into picking an ace), but the banter at the beginning lead me to believe that equivoque was involved concerning which deck is used for which action
sgtgrey  : (31 July 2014 - 11:12 AM) The only thing I wasn't certain of was when he handles the second deck to set the cards - my guess was that the cards are marked so he can set his deck before the switch rather than use the traditional key card
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We all like figuring stuff out right? Well here is an idea from the creative minds of SOMF. Each month, an idea for a trick will be presented. It will be either original, or a new take on an old effect. The community will then try and figure out a method for said effect. This build great teamwork and brainstorming skills! Join in!

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Book Club

Every month or so a new copyright free book will be presented to our members. Anyone who is willing can sign up for the book that month. These people will read the book, and review different sections, posting what they learned, what they liked, etc. See inside for more details!

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Member Of The Month

Every month this should be updated with a SOMF member I think has been outstanding, contributing, or just being a good person. Along with their name will be the reason they were picked! Feel free to send in names of people you think have been doing a good job!

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Magic Principles

Every so often a new magic principle will get posted in here. Members will discuss this principle, how to apply it, use it in effects, and other things. Only mods can post topics here, but anyone can reply and help in the discussions!

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Beginner's Magic Forum

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE ART POST HERE! Discuss effects and give tips to people new to the art! Lead them in the right direction and give them a helping hand.

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Props, Gimmicks and Utilities

This section is for discussion on any props, gimmicks or utilities, be it a thumbtip or bigger things like a dove pan. Even accessories like flash paper or silks, post their descriptions and uses here! There is a list of things that need posting and each post should be fairly large.

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Discuss the effects and tips of Mentalism here. That includes metal bending, PK effects, predictions, mindreading and more!

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Busking & Street Magic

Discuss and post the effects and tips of Busking, how to get a crowd, effects to use, Gazzo style. Also discuss effects and tips for "Street Magic", David Blaine style.

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Discuss magic with computers, videos, cell phones, handheld devices, iPods, and any other type of electronic "new age" gadget!

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Other Magic

Effects and tips for magic that didn't fit into the other areas can be discussed here! For example, cups and balls, table hopping, ropes, silks, etc.

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Children's Magic

Discuss effects and tips for Childern's magic. Talk about how to structure routines, effects that go over well, and how to keep control!

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Whether they have secret bits or not, flourishes can make a great addition to a magical performance. Liked by some, and hated by others. If you like them this is your place.

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Related Magical Arts

Discuss secrets, tips and tricks off other things like escapology, ventriloquism, clowning, balloon modeling, or even juggling. Anything kind of related to magic but not fully magic can be talked about here!

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WWW Links

Found an interesting magic site? Be it a shop, forum, or just related to magic, post it here! We can only post so much on the forums, so lots of links are welcome!

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Presentation & General Performance Tips

If you are new to the art, PLEASE read this section first. The real secrets of magic are all in the presentation. That includes patter, misdirection, timing, comedy, and personality. Tell us about your presentation ideas here!

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Review Section

Did you just buy a new effect or DVD. How did your latest show go, or even a show you saw live or on TV. How are you getting on with a difficult move? How is that new book you just picked up? That gimmick working like it should? Tell us all about your reviews and progress here!

  1. DVD and Videos
  2. Books and PDFs
  3. Props, Gimmicks, and Accessories
  4. Stand Alone Effects
  5. Performances, Lectures, and Shows
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Video Section

Share videos of yourself or others in here. You can post performances, routines, methods, the works. Show everyone your latest move and get feedback on how you are doing.

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History of Magic & Biographies

Any history or biographies relating to magic goes right here! Talk about the greats like Dai Vernon, Blackstone, and Tony Slydini or the history of effects like the cup and balls!

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The Business Of Magic

Want to make money doing magic? Tips on how to advertise your self and much more in here!

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Magic on a budget / DIY Gimmicks

One of the ideas of SOMF is to help people who are keen magicians but haven't got huge amounts of money realize their dreams and improve their magic. Post how to make your own gimmicks, where to get supplies, and other DIY things!

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Guess How It's Done

In this area you can present effects by videos or photographs or even descriptions, and you invite other board members to offer their thoughts on the methods. You can give them clues or not. The effect should be YOUR OWN CREATION, or variation on another effect. If you want to know how an effect is done, ask in the so how is it done section. Don't post common effects that everyone already knows, make it a challenge!

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Off Topic

Anything not relating to magic can go in here. Forum games, artwork, you name it!

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Sales and Wants

Advertise your magic sales or wants here. Please no bootlegged, illegal stuff or asking people to send you copyrighted material. SOMF is not responsible for any lost packages or being ripped off, please buy carefully.

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